Bra by bra & brick by brick, we all make Bali a STRONGER and healthier community.

We sincerely thank everyone for your love, support and friendship. It has not only surprised and overwhelmed us, it has inspired and motivated us to keep moving forward.

Sue Gillam's Message

Mitch, you inspire me to be a better, more caring person. Thank you for leading me on this magical journey and introducing me to incredibly kind, loving and generous new friends. All for you Mitch.

Sue Mills' Message

My precious friend and loving soul, you have given me an opportunity to embrace life and totally be myself. I think of you everyday and…SMILE.


  • Ann Marie Wragg – Trainwest
  • Aquinas College
  • Arya Hotel – Amed - Bali
  • As One Advertising & Marketing Team
  • Bambang
  • Bajing and Tut Merta – Seraya – Bali
  • Bullcreek/Leeming Football Club
  • C2P Solutions
  • Carolia Charity Inc
  • Darkan Arts Council
  • Dexa Printing - Kerobokan – Bali
  • Great Boulder Cricket Club
  • Hahn Electrical
  • Kalgoorlie Railways Football Club
  • Kathryn Sprigg Photography
  • Melville City Football Club
  • Nicole Cox – Journalist
  • Omnibus Services
  • Roof Tight
  • Santai Hotel – Amed – Bali
  • The Court Hotel
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