The 100 BRAS FOR 200 "GIRLS" campaign was a heart-warming initiative that was born out of tragedy. As the first anniversary of Mitch's passing approached, his family and friends initiated the campaign to turn their tears into smiles whilst helping the beautiful women of Bali who had so lovingly cared for them whilst they came to terms with their loss.

As a memorial to Mitch's energy, adventurous spirit and desire to meet any challenge head on, the 100 BRAS FOR 200 "GIRLS" (boobs) campaign began on the 5th of December 2011.

By February of the following year, 1800 bras were collected, packed into suitcases, taken to Bali and distributed amongst the desperately poor. It was, however, seeing the sheer joy on the face of a woman in tattered clothing when she was handed a beautiful, lacy, feminine bra that a new goal of "10,000 in 2012" bras was set!

This target has now been well and truly surpassed. On the 27th October 2012, we travelled with 38 suitcases packed with a fabulous total of 12,598 donated bras and transported them to Bali ready to share. We were lucky enough to have 36 lovely ladies join us to distribute the bras on Kuta Beach, Legion Beach, The Salam Orphanage and Pasar Transit Tabanan Markets. The experience was uplifting and rewarding. However, the highlight of the trip was the friendships forged not only within our group of ladies but with the beautiful ladies of Bali.

To all the ladies (and gents) who have donated, purchased or collected bras, we sincerely thank you all for your on going love and support. To our kind drop off locations our target would not have been achieved without your friendship and help. To our Bra fairies that secretly sorted, packed and counted every single bra, you are in our hearts forever and you may now take a break…until our next mission.

We have no doubt that Mitch would have a huge smile on his face just knowing that so many people have supported this campaign in his name and sharing the Bra Love…

The family and friends of Mitch Gillam thank you for your support and believe this project is a true culmination of our belief in "Friends Helping Friends".

Huge cheers to The Sisterhood of the Travelling Bra xxxxxx

Final 2012/2013 Bra Total:



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