The people of Seraya Village live under primitive conditions in ramshackle, shanty homes in unimaginable conditions. Through Project Seraya we have now seen more than 90 homes constructed for the people living in the area. During this construction, the desperate need for a central community base was identified and Bale Mitch Gillam was born.

Located at the fork of the roads between Seraya, Amlapura and Amed BMG stands proudly in the perfect location. Set on the side of the mountain, surrounded by many of Seraya's neediest families, Bale Mitch Gillam serves a diverse but essential purpose. Administered by Carolia Charity Inc, the centre enhances its education program, complements our ongoing building program and provides the base to develop a happier, healthier and stronger community.

  1. First Aid Clinic and training in basic western medicine
  2. A central location for education in basic health issue (Aids, STDs and infection to name just a few), sanitation and hygiene
  3. Emergency housing for displaced Serayans
  4. Language training in Indonesian and English
  5. Facility for mentoring and homework
  6. Education in keeping their homes, villages and waterways clean and litter free
  7. Training in animal husbandry, assistance in knowledge of suitable plant, fruit and vegetable production
  8. Hospitality training
  9. Storage for community and building equipment
  10. A community hall for social gatherings, workshops, craft activities and co-ops
  11. Meeting place for social and cultural celebrations, dancing and music practice
  12. A place for the children of Seraya to interact, socialize and simply have fun with friends

In December 2012 sixty five volunteers travelled from Western Australia to commence construction of the facility. These volunteers were joined by large numbers of locals, including many woman and children. The work was physically demanding, conditions were extremely harsh and building methods primitive however the experience will be treasured forever with lifelong friendships developed. Construction of Bale Mitch Gillam has now been completed and the community centre is fully functional. Visitors, sponsors and friends are all very welcome to visit and share in this fabulous experience by joining in with the local people.

To facilitate the ongoing operation of Bale Mitch Gillam we need financial help. All donations will be gratefully accepted and lovingly utilized. Together we can help Seraya village become a vibrant, united community. Education, knowledge and skills are priceless and every child deserves the opportunity to have their dreams for the future become a reality.

The Carolia Charity

JULY 2013



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